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June jobs report American healthcare industry is growing fast

June jobs report American healthcare industry is growing fastJune jobs report American healthcare industry is growing fastThe June 2017 jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics came outshowing a big improvement in the number of jobs added in America a whopping 222,0000 last month.What stands out is that 37,000 jobs added in health care just last month has the potential to be promising, especially when you consider a few other trends.The health care industry boomed in JuneThe June 2017 jobs report is one of the many data points showing that healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the U.S.Ambulatory health care services added 26,000 jobs and hospitals added 12,000 jobs last month. In the first half of this year, the number of health care jobs has gone up 24,000 per month on average. In 2016, the this number was 32,000 jobs on average.Even though healthcare is growing faster, it doesnt necessarily pay better.Mark Hamrick,Washington bureau chief and senior economic ana lyst at, told Laddersthat the healthcare industry has a wide divergence in salaries.Health care can be a double-edged sword because there are some workers who are highly trained who can command strong wages, and those who are not are paid lower wages. In other words, health care can be a sector of the haves and the have nots when it comes to pay, Hamrick said.He mentioned doctors, nurses, and technicians as examples of positions with higher wages, and home health care aides and certain kinds of therapists as examples of positions with lower wages.DoctorsBut with the aging population, we know the outlook for health care sector employment is about as strong as it is anywhere, Hamrick said.Get medicine, or buy food?Hamrick hits upon an important point The growth of healthcare jobs has a darker source as Baby Boomers age, more people are likely to get sick in the U.S. At the saatkorn time, for everyone, shouldering the costs of healthcarecan be a hefty burden.Research from the the Kaiser Family Foundation, released in March 2017, showed the lengths some have to go to in order to afford care.Three in ten (29 percent) Americans report problems paying medical bills, and these problems come with real consequences for some. For example, among those reporting problems paying medical bills, seven in ten (73 percent) report cutting back spending on food, clothing, or basic household items, the research says, adding, Challenges affording care also result in some Americans saying they have delayed or skipped care due to costs in the past year, including 27 percent who say they have put off or postponed getting health care they needed, 23 percent who say they have skipped a recommended medical test or treatment, and 21 percent who say they have not filled a prescription for a medicine.A fuller picture of June 2017 jobs in the USJust to be clear, there is a margin of error in the number of jobs added the data is based on a household survey and an establishment su rvey, and the datagets revisedtwice more,which can cause big changes. Thats what happened in May, when a promising year suddenly pitched downwardwith one revision.Here are a just few of the other findings from the jobs report.While there were 7 mio people out of work, unemployment was at 4.4%- both numbers that were little changed. The labor force participation rate was 62.8%, which also wasnt a big change for June.A few industries showed growth. The number of social assistance jobs went up by 23,000, mining by 8,000 and financial activities by 17,000. Other gains included a 35,000-job jump in professional and business services last month.But in industries that create tangible things, like retail, manufacturing and construction, among many others,nothing drastic happened in terms of job growth in June. That may be somewhat good news Retail jobswere having a tough time in March.Hamrick told Ladders about the nature of the evolving retail industry.Number one is to ensure a satisfying customer experience. Its worth remembering that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs openings in the retail sector in a given month. The retail sector is experiencing a great verstndigung im strafverfahren of disruption at the moment, in part because of changing consumer buying patterns. But online sales are still a relatively small portion of overall retail sales.He added, I dont know that the retail sector is where you want your college-educated child to work unless theyre an entrepreneur or a manager, or attached to a luxury brand. Being in the front of the house in a retail setting- it may be dependent on a high level of sales. And I think that were gonna continue to see an accelerating pace of change in retailing as we are in the broader economy.Hamrick did not identify a particular sector that job seekers should be flocking to right now because it can depend on peoples skill sets, among other factors.

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4 Personal Branding Lies Hurting Your Reputation - The Muse

4 Personal Branding Lies Hurting Your Reputation - The Muse4 Personal Branding Lies Hurting Your ReputationWhen I was a kid I hated pizza. I told myself that it made me sick, a lie I blindly clung to until I was 12 years old. Then I tried a slice and it was, of course, delicious.I was instantly annoyed with myself for getting in my own way for so long.As a personal branding coach, I hear people tell themselves lies all the time. Real whoppers that keep them from where theyre going. Want to make sure youre elend your own worst enemy? Wipe these lies from your brain space1. Im Not the Kind of Person Who Needs a Web PresenceThis is the lie I hear from my clients most frequently. Its usually paired with the mantra Im really kind of a private person or I hate social media. The worst case Ive run into was a super talented woman targeting a digital marketing job- and she was doing it without an active Twitter feed. YikesThe truth You can have an active web presence without baring your soul. If youre in any vein of technology or marketing these days, you have to be active on more than just LinkedIn. But you dont have to be the schrift of person who shares pictures of your lunch or tweets every thought you have to build your brand on the web. You dont even have to churn out lengthy blog posts to start branding yourself as someone whos engaged in an industry.All you have to do is select one to two social platforms that work for you and engage with content thats relevant to your area of expertise. Simple shares and comments every other day or so.Thats it. Crazy simple, right?2. Im Already Branded as Insert Job Title and Its Too Late to Shake Things up NowWhile the thought of rebranding yourself may seem only slight better than a kick to the face, its not impossible. Does it take some strategy? Sure. Can it be time-expensive? Kinda.But rebranding yourself isnt impossible.Ive seen folks make some pretty far-fetched career changes. A museum curator who found her true calling in fundraising and development. An executive turned hypnotherapist. Its never too late to turn your brand on its head, especially if youre feeling frustrated, stuck, or unfulfilled in your current career.Sure, some leaps are easier than others, but in most cases a regular dose of microchange- whether its in the form of volunteer work, side hustles, new certifications, or some shameless authority marketing- can help you flip your brand around in no time. Stop kidding yourself and take steps toward what you love.3. If Its Not Broke, Dont Fix ItLets say youre about to launch a job hunt and you Google yourself to high heaven. You test various spellings of your name, along with different job titles and company names to be safe, and the top 10 results are consistently squeaky clean. No random snapshots from college. Any Yelp reviews youve written arent too snarky. Your LinkedIn profile pops right up. Think your work is done?Think again.While having a web presence thats free of digital dir t is a terrific start, its not enough. If you really want to up your chances of being hired youll want to add some flash and band to your positive search results. Publish articles that demonstrate your subject matter expertise on (free) platforms like LinkedIn Pulse and Medium. Or, pitch yourself as an expert and write a guest blog for a high profile site. Participate in industry activities that up your chances of getting mentioned in the press. Contribute fresh ideas to online discussions and blogs.Not broken and not boring are two different qualities. 4. My Credentials Stand on Their OwnIts easy to get caught up in the me-me-me aspects of your brand. After all, youve put endless hours into leveling up your skills and bagging some amazing achievements. Heres the thing Your degree and the timeline of accomplishments on your resume wont do all the selling for you. Unless you can explain how all of your me-me-me stuff can benefit potential clients or employers, youll have an extremely difficult time creating the traction you want. That, and pitching your value isnt just something you should do in interviews. If youre not hustling a little on a near daily basis, you can consider your brand half-baked. Sure, your brand is made up of your business cards, razor-sharp interview skills, and a string of online branding channels, but its also built on relationships. And in the long run, its relationships that support your career growth. Send thank you notes. Jump in to help without being asked. Wow clients and build others up along with you. Be quick on your feet and use every word and action to reinforce your reputation for value and all-around awesomeness.Its time to face the truth Branding yourself today is a career must and demands a dynamic approach. In fact, the worst personal branding lie you can tell yourself is Ill work on it later. Build and refine that bad boy over time The best personal brands capture who you already are.Photo of bored person courtesy of Ghi slain Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images.

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Climb the Ramp to Career Success

Climb the Ramp to Career SuccessClimb the Ramp to Career SuccessDont wait for your career to advance for you - take control of your career management.The ladder is certainly the most enduring metaphor for career advancement, but nowadays its no longer constructive to think of your career progression as climbing a ladder (sorry, we still love your name). In the ladder metaphor, you ascend one rung at a time, progressing in your career through a series of milestones. At each rung, you work hard on what youre doing at that specific moment. You forget about that next step because youre sure youll get there when the right time comes without encountering any obstacles. You fall into complacency until something happens.Maybe youRealize one day that you feel bored and unchallenged. You know that there must be mora to your job and crave greater fulfillment.Want mora responsibility. You find what you are doing to be routine and know you are capable of a greater challenge.Decide y ou want more pay. After all, if you are going to work 60 or more hours a week, you might as well gain greater compensation for your efforts.Feel an urge to try something new. You know its now or never if youre going to make a change.Realize that youve had your fill of a nasty boss or an uncomfortable organizational culture. Lifes too short to deal with an environment that stomps all over your personal values.Outside your controlYour company decides its time to right-size. We know all too well that mergers and acquisitions, soft markets, shareholder pressure and more make layoffs a common part of todays work world. Even companies that are doing well feel the need to resize from time to time.The product youre working on gets cancelled. Lets face it we live in a disposable economy. Whats hot one day (think of the low-fat diet) is replaced by the latest craze (like eliminating evil simple carbohydrates, for example). Who would have ever thought that IBM would sell their Thinkpad busines s to Lenovo?The industry you work in is hit by a destructive scandal. Think Enron, Arthur Anderson, Airbus, etc.Your manager leaves the company, taking several team members with her, and the company decides to eliminate your job.Only when that something happens do you think about that next rung in your career ladder. You revise your resume, which you probably havent even looked at since you got your current job - months, maybe years ago. You begin to reconnect with lost professional contacts. You expend enormous effort connecting with recruiters, writing cover letters, refining your career marketing materials, searching through job boards - all the fallback methods that people used back when the work world was predictable.Start the steady climbIn todays dynamic knowledge economy, the sporadic, effortful approach to career management discussed above isnt the most effective. Instead, you have to kick over the ladder and start viewing your career climb as a steady ramp. When youre asc ending a ramp, you dont stop and relax - youre constantly advancing in perpetual motion toward your professional goals. In this scenario, you dont wait for one specific trigger to move you to the next step in your career you manage that movement yourself, every day of your life.Consistent steps for successYou update and revise your resume in real time.You maintain networking contacts, rather than letting them fade away.You seek out tasks and activities that will move you closer to your goals.You apply your strengths and unique talents to every task you undertake.You stay connected to the job market, understand your worth and factors that are affecting your job function.These steps ensure that youll always be prepared for any eventuality.Perhaps youre thinking, This sounds like a lot more work than climbing a ladder. Well, in fact, perpetual career management is a lot less work. Thats because youre constantly building momentum.Once you adopt this mindset and make the corresponding b ehaviors part of your regular routine, you never have to make a focused effort to work on your career advancement again. Instead, youre always thinking about it and tweaking it as a matter of course. Its like brushing your teeth in the morning Career management becomes something you just do. As our colleague Wendy Terwelp says, Youre always ready for your next big gig.

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Education Advice for a Successful Tech Career

Education Advice for a Successful Tech CareerEducation Advice for a Successful Tech Career

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AIG Saved by the Feds

AIG Saved by the FedsAIG Saved by the FedsThe deal is a monumental one, putting a private insurance firm into the hands of the government and thus placing U.S. taxpayer dollars on the hook (I dont know about you, but I didnt want to go into the insurance business). The deal sends $85 billion to AIG in the form of a federal loan and hands the U.S. government an approximate 80 percent stake in the insurance company. The deal also sent AIG CEO Robert Willumstad packing (but not empty-handed hell likely pull down an $9 million exit package). Willumstad will be succeeded by Edward Liddy, the former head of fellow insurance giant Allstate(who will now answer to Uncle Sam, AIGs new chairman of the board). The deal followed closely behind the U.S. government deciding not to bailout crumbling investment bank Lehman Brothers, resulting in Lehman filing Chapter 11 (before finding a beige, if not white knight in Barclays, which picked up a good chunk of Lehman yesterday, keeping about 10,000 Leh man-ites employed, for the time being at least). But the Feds decided yesterday that the markets,despite beingable to deal with a Lehman bankruptcy, could not handle an AIG one (some say its collapse would have resulted in $180 billion in lossesacross the financial industry it would have also likely resulted in a massive amount of job losses, not just at AIG but at many other firms certain to be affect in the fallout). Though this wouldve likely been the case, the bailout set a precarious precedent, which is already being hotly debated across the country, including by the two remaining U.S. presidential candidates. Where do you stand? Should the U.S. have stepped and saved AIG in or not? As always, we welcome your comments and thoughts below.

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What to Expect From Good Resume Objectives?

What to Expect From Good Resume Objectives? Youve got to compose the objective in such a manner it shows capabilities in you which are necessary for the specific job. My aim is to find the job. Actually, the objective is the sole thing that a number of employers will fully read on a resume. Your resume objective ought to be relevant and targeted to every different job prospect. The direction you write your career objectives is essential and ought to be given proper consideration. The target on a resume tells a possible employer what your teen hopes to escape from his job. Writing a winning college student career objective is a fairly simple approach to bolster your application for this internship or job youve got in sight. Using Good Resume Objectives If you would like to emphasis on your previous knowledge in your resume career objective below are some examples you may look at. If youve got relevant experience, make them know what. Everyone has desirable abilities and exp eriences to provide employers including you A crystal clear meinung about how youll utilize your strongest relevant abilities and professional experiences to satisfy the specific role youre applying for 3. By having read the work description and doing research on the business, youll already receive a very good idea of who their perfect employee is. Specifying the name of the institution in the objective will also let employers know that you truly need the available management standort. In your objective statement demonstrate what its possible to add to the new position and the organization and why youre a superior fit for your new career. Make certain its tailored to not merely the position, but the provider also. Rumors, Deception and Good Resume Objectives You will discover such samples for all of the jobs and fields of experience. Theres a lengthy field of career objective examples that can be put in on entry level resumes. Experience ought to be clearly mentioned as its going to be a positive point for you. Sales position where my abilities and experience can effectively be utilized to raise sales revenue. The 30-Second Trick for Good Resume Objectives Also, youll need to get some resume objective samples at your disposal to have a look at them before actually writing your very own objective statement. In a financial statement, a superior introduction is necessary to present factual data. Now imagine whether that SAME resume had had a summary statement on top clearly outlining why youre the ideal candidate. After that, a format is going to be reviewed, including the 3 components of a fantastic objective statement. The Dirty Truth on Good Resume Objectives You need to not just catch the hiring managers eyeyou should make sure they study your statement and say Whew Your resume objective is your opportunity to tell a quick story about yourself. Moreover, opening statement permits a writer to create a relation to the reader. Should you do an y one of these things above, you will stick out and find the recruiters interest. Entry-level objectives can be particularly hard to write as you likely dont have loads of work experience, but you do want to solidify how you know the kind of career youre searching for. In addition, you always want your latest work to appear at the peak of the list and your oldest work at the base of your resume. If youre looking for a career in management, you almost certainly have years of skilled experience under your belt. When you make an application for work in person, you might be requested to complete a paper application. In lots of ways, an objective replaces a lot of the detail you would place in your professional experience section. All the listed objectives and profile resumes can be employed by professionals who are eager to try out a different strategy, as it varies from the traditional type. Again, despite the fact that the info might appear repetitive, go right ahead and attac h the resume. You will have to have some simple info and a couple dates. A History of Good Resume Objectives Refuted Employers can learn all they will need to understand about a candidate from their school performance, which means that your Education section should reflect well on you. You might also see nursing resume template Sample resume objectives can be employed by anybody who is making a resume. Career Objectives are excellent for resumes with a particular purpose. Communication and computer handling skills are also rather important in regards to cashier resume. Choosing Good Resume Objectives Resume objectives can be a little controversial. Before you create a last choice to make an objective, take a couple of minutes to choose if its the career summary might be a better fit for your resume. Based on who you ask and the way youre using it, summary statements can be an entire waste of space or an entire game changer.

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An Actionable Tutorial on On Writing Stephen King Resume in an Easy to Follow Order

An Actionable Tutorial on On Writing Stephen King Resume in an Easy to Follow Order on Writing Stephen King Resume No Longer a Mystery Our resume builder (it is possible to create your resume here) will offer you tips and examples on the best way to compose your resume summary or another section. You may have heard that a prosperous writer resume needs to fit on a single page A4 paper size. In additional sections you could add to sto this up a notch. Therefore, writing isnt an outline of the doctrines which need to be followed. Sorry, but there are a lot of bad writers. One, we apply an extremely careful range of our writers. When you attempt to mimic another writers style for virtually any reason apart from practice, you are going to produce just pale imitations. Its only normal to be anxious about hiring an on-line essay writer as you can not ever be sure whether you are employing the proper service or not. on Writing Stephen King Resume - Overview Kings manual On Writ ing reveals hes relentlessly devoted to his craft. The author acknowledges there are some fundamental factors which make up good writing. If you need assistance with any portion of your book, get in touch with The Writing King for a totally free consultation. Writing a book isnt an easy job if it was simple, everyone would do it. Men and women that are published steadily and are paid for what theyre writing may be either saints or trollops, but theyre clearly reaching a fantastic many someones who want the things that they have. Understand that it is a form of telepathy. For that reason, its also contextual. Dedication to the pursuit of better methods for writing is the sole determinant of the capacity to deliver. on Writing Stephen King Resume the Ultimate Convenience As a consequence the books wind up presenting a conversation rather than the conventional narrative approach (Hoppenstand, 78). The expectation that the audience will comprehend the plot regardless of the d egree of complication resulted in the growth of new perspectives on writing. Focus on the evolution of the ideal content and delivery of the exact saatkorn in the exceptional way proved to be an important element that the bulk of the writers focused on during the period. Constant practice on writing contributes to the growth of articulation. Browsing our essay writing samples can offer you a sense whether the standard of our essays is the quality youre looking for. Its possible to receive a sense of their passion during the initial consultation, which ought to be supplied at no charge. Read our customers reviews and feedbacks. Locating a ghostwriter to compose your book is a wonderful way to achieve this objective. You ought to strive to produce the reader forget he or shes reading a story whatsoever. Writers need to check into themselves and turn toward the life span of the imagination. Thus, the focus of the author differs from the typical practice.